September 5, 2011



...opposite attracts. Bad girls go for good guys. True much?
tapi janji Allah dalam kitabnya jangan kita lupa,
"A good woman is for a good man and vice versa". (surah an- Nuur ayat 26)

i bought this novel last week,
a day before eid,
it's such a great novel from a singaporean novelist,
which had so many lesson for us,
to guide us to change our attitude and behaviour
and back to our Creator,Allah,
and to guide us for searching our love,partner, soulmate and so on.

Hidup ini tak boleh berdasarkan 'saya-suka-awak' dan 'awak-suka-saya'
and we live happily ever after. Hidup ini ada duri dan ranjau. :)


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my big family. :)

my big family. :)
love all these people.

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