February 16, 2011



gila kan aku ni.
jap ag nk debate bole plak update blog.huh
ak tga mcm gila ni
lg 3 mnggu stgh je dah nk hbis asasi ni.
wah cptnya masa brlalu.
exam stat 10 mac until 18 mac.

rasa sedih la nk hbiskan asasi ni.huh
rasa sedih nk tngglkn asasi
btol la org kta skjp je kita knl kita akn jd rpt kan?
kita knl xsmpai setaun
tp rpt ngalahkn org yg knl 5 taun
msti sedih gla on 18 mac t.
hbis exam t kita bru knl 11 bln.huh
cptnya masa brlalu
alih2 kita dah 19 tahun
sedeynya nk tgglkn korang sume
tringt sgala knangn kita brsama

my beloved classmate
tq for being my friends on 2 sem.
i love you all.
sorry for all mistake.
wani, my dear friend.iloveu.
u have being with me since the day we registered in uitm
mimi n tini
my beloved friends
ily n imy soon.
tina, my dear n new roomie this sem
ily n always remember time i'm with u.
pia, anis, nurul, qila,
tq for being my friends.
all of u make my day shine.
all of our moment will be in my heart n mind.
special thanks to fiqrun
who had being my bff for this sem in uitm
always with me.
tq for everything.
nice to know u more
n to share everything with u.
n dun forget our week routine.huhu
tq very much.
i'll always miss you.
meet me in malacca on june this year. :)
to shahrul, amirul, abe.
nice to know all of u
all of u make my life wonderful
make me happy
make me smile.(sbb suka sgt gado ngn korg)
SORRY for all mistake and sakit hati or apa2.
hope our friendship will never end.
all of my friends that i dont mention name.
tq n love u.
nice to know all of u.





my big family. :)

my big family. :)
love all these people.

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