July 5, 2009

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Benefits Of Vitamin C


Source:The New Straits Times

VITAMIN C is an essential nutrient and one of the most known vitamins around. Many of us take Vitamin C supplements or drink juices rich in Vitamin C. But do you really know the significance of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid is for a range of essential metabolic reactions in all animals and plants. It can repair and prevent damage to cells, heal wounds, boost immune system, and make your teeth and gums healthier.

Studies have shown Vitamin C is known for its positive effects on immunity, prevention and treatment of colds and flu. The Vitamin reaches all areas in the body on a cellular level, and serves as a primary ingredient or collagen to our connective tissue. Futhemore, it aids our body to absorb iron and natural antioxidant.

Vitamin C can help slow down the aging process by scavenging free radicals, preventing a build up of cell damaging toxins that accelerate aging. Other studies have also revealed it protects artery linings by making them more resistant to plaque formation. What this basically means is that vitamin C offers protection against heart disease, which is one of the beneficial reasons for consuming plenty of vitamin C. When you lack or don't ingest the required quantity of vitamin C, it could lead to serious diseases including scurvy,which happens when you don't ingest the required quantity of vitamin C. Scurvy manifests in the form of swollen gums, cheeks, feet, toes, fingers, and hands. Eventually bleeding occurs from wounds, loss of teeth, and opening of wounds.

You can get vitamin C naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables like, citrus juices, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, cabbages, cauliflowers, carrots, and more. You can also get it in supplement form if your daily diet lacks fresh vegetables and fruits. The amount of vitamins your body needs is determined by your age, lifestyle, gender, and weight. It also depends on several other factors and health conditions.

Consult with a nutritionist about your diet and get to know whether your body is getting the adequate proportion of vitamins. If not, you have to start taking vitamin supplements. The recommended dose is 60 to 95 miligrams daily to maintain general health. It is also important to note that the body absorbs Vitamin C through the intestines and moves through the bloodstreams into cells,and excreted through kidneys, it can reach a saturation point. So it is best to take several doses throughout the day and not one big dose at once. Excess consumption of vitamin C may lead to formation of kidney stones, aneamia, and diarrhea. Therefore take your vitamin supplements after consulting the doctor.

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